Friday, 25 July 2014

Blog Tour: Exclusive extract from The Summer Guest by Emma Hannigan

Today I am delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for Emma Hannigan's latest novel The Summer Guest, which is published next Thursday, with an exclusive extract to get us in the mood for what I am sure is going to be another bestseller. 

Chapter 1

LEXIE GLANCED AT HER WATCH, MAKING SURE SHE had enough time for another cup of coffee. The remnants of breakfast festooned the table. She smiled to herself. Her husband, Sam, was such a creature of habit. As regular as clockwork, he stacked his coffee mug on top of his toast plate, with the knife neatly tucked alongside, but it never occurred to him to transport the pile across the kitchen to the dishwasher.

This was Lexie’s favourite moment of the day. She flicked off the radio, posted a capsule into the Nespresso machine, placed her already used cup under the spout and pressed the brew button. She and Sam liked to hear the news headlines followed by the round-up of that day’s newspapers, and after that, Lexie relished a few minutes of silence. She felt it set her up for the day ahead. 

As she crossed the kitchen to the bay window seat, her leather-soled ballerina pumps made a satisfying sound as they connected with the waxed wooden floorboards. She perched on the long, spongy cushion and gazed out into the oval railed-in park opposite. The late May sunshine flooded the neatly kept communal space. Although each of the houses in Cashel Square had fine-sized gardens, the residents all made use of the wooden benches in the park. They took turns to tend the flowerbeds and keep the place clean. It was too small to appeal to gangs of youths and the absence of swings or play equipment meant it rarely attracted non-resident families.

Lexie sipped her coffee and closed her eyes to savour it. It was just the right temperature, black and strong with no sugar and a delectable covering of crema.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Guest Book Review: Rhoda Baxter - Doctor January

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

If you keep looking back, you might miss what's standing right in front of you...

Six months after a painful break-up from Gordon, Beth's finally getting her life back on track. She has faith in her own scientific theories and is willing to work hard to prove them. She's even beginning to see Hibs, her dedicated lab partner, as more than just a lousy lothario in a lab-coat and goggles.

So when Gordon arrives back from America without warning and expects to be welcomed back into Beth's arms, she's totally thrown. She also quickly begins to see that Gordon isn't the man she thought he was - Hibs has always held a candle for Beth, but he can only wait so long for her to realise there's more to life than being patronised and bullied by the one who's meant to love and protect her.

Will Beth forsee the explosive nature beneath Gordon's placid surface before he destroys everything she's worked for, both inside and outside the lab?

Author Interview: Jane Linfoot

This morning I'm delighted to welcome author Jane Linfoot to the blog to talk about her latest book High Heels and Bicycle Wheels which Tanya reviewed earlier this month. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book High Heels and Bicycle Wheels?
High Heels & Bicycle Wheels is sexy chick lit, with a whole lot of humour and emotion thrown into the mix. It’s fresh, it’s different, it’s got explosive chemistry, and a fab summer feel, which makes it a great beach or poolside read, but it’s also fab to read when you’re at home and want to dream. Think camper vans, beaches, a hot successful, complex pro cyclist hero, Jackson, whose demons are overtaking him, and a determined heroine, Bryony, who is used to being in control, and isn’t going to give that up without a fight. 

It’s two strong people, thrown together, on a road trip neither intended to go on, discovering a lot about themselves on the way, and finding that one summer will change their lives forever. And it’s about the last bit of growing up you have to do, before you’re ready to commit. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Guest Post: Introducing Annie Carter by Jessie Keane

Today I'm delighted to welcome bestselling author Jessie Keane as part of her Lawless blog tour.  Jessie has written an exclusive guest post which introduces readers to her central character, Annie Carter.

Annie Carter strolled into my head one day seven years ago, and she hasn’t been out of it ever since. She has turned up in five books so far – Dirty Game, Black Widow, Scarlet Women, Playing Dead and Ruthless. And yes – there is going to be a sixth Annie Carter book very soon.

London gangsters have always been a source of fascination for me, and at one low (and very poor, I might add) moment I thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a woman in among these scary black-suited men, kicking arse and generally causing a ruckus?’

Guest Book Review: Alan Titchmarsh - Bring Me Home

Reviewed by Sarah Brew

It seems a perfect afternoon in the Highlands.

Standing at the door of the lochside castle that has been his family's home for generations, Charlie Stuart welcomes his guests to the annual summer drinks party. Conversation, laughter and the clinking of glasses soon fill the air as friends and neighbours come together to toast the laird's happiness and prosperity.

But Charlie sees the truth behind the fa├žade: the sacrifices made to safeguard the estate; the devastating losses that have haunted him for decades; the guilt that lies at the heart of it all.

And in a few hours, he knows, the perfect afternoon will come to an end. The past, with its dark secrets of love, death, loyalty and betrayal, is about to catch up with him. And it could finally tear his family apart...